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# Unique IDKaryotypePhenotypeCytogenetic Break FromCytogenetic Break ToMolecular Breakpoint #1Molecular Breakpoint #2Pubmed IDPatient ID          Comments          
1 15523614_1 45, XY, -7 [3]/ 46, XY, r(7)(p22q36) [44]/ 69, XY?, r(7), r(7) [2]/ 69, XY?, duplicated ring [2] severe IUGR, growth retardation, severe psychomotor and mental retardation, speech delay, microcephaly, seizures, multiple congenital melanocytic nevi, dysmorphic features, adducted thumbs, clinodactyly, limited elbow mobility, unable to walk at age 14 p22 q36     15523614     Edit